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DR51022 North American X-15A USAF, 56-6670, Scott Crossfield, Edwards AFB, CA

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1:144 Scale Length Width
North American X-15A 4.25" 1.75"

The North American X-15 rocket-powered aircraft/spaceplane was part of the X-series of experimental aircraft, initiated with the Bell X-1, that were made for the USAAF/ USAF, NACA/NASA, and the USN. The X-15 set speed and altitude records in the early 1960s, reaching the edge of outer space and returning with valuable data used in aircraft and spacecraft design. As of 2011, it holds the official world record for the fastest speed ever reached by a manned rocket-powered aircraft.

Please note: Unlike other models in the Dragon Warbirds series, this model is 100% plastic, with no diecast metal used in its construction. The painting and markings are applied with the same precision as other Warbirds models however, so this model still looks perfectly at home in any diecast collection, albeit at a much lighter weight.

North American X-15A
Designed as a hypersonic research aircraft for the X-Series of USAF/USN sponsored experimental aircraft, the X-15 was first flown on June 8th, 1959 (Unpowered) and September 17th, 1959 (Powered). The X-15 was not capable of conventional take-off, instead being dropped from a B-52 at altitude prior to firing its rocket engines. Three X-15s were built, completing a total of 199 flights between them, setting many altitude and speed records along the way. The highest flight took place on August 22nd, 1963 reaching an altitude of 67 miles, while the fastest flight was on October 3rd, 1967 reaching 4,519mph.

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Product Code DR51022
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