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DR56334 Aerospace Program ULA Delta II Rocket USAF, "GPS-IIR-16", Launch November 17th, 2006

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1:400 Scale Length Width
ULA Delta II Rocket   SHARKS MOUTH  4" 0.5"

On November 17, 2006 a Delta II rocket of 7925-9.5 configuration blasted off from Cape Canaveral in Florida on a US Air Force mission. The payload aboard the rocket was a replenishment Block IIR-16(M) Global Positioning System (GPS) satellite. Within 68 minutes the satellite was deployed into its transfer orbit. This was just one of many such launches required to maintain the worldwide GPS network that serves both military and civilian functions, with each satellite in the system orbiting the earth every twelve hours. The Delta II rocket has made nearly 150 successful launches since 1989, making it the most reliable system in US service. A Delta II rocket consists of Stage I tanks, solid rocket boosters, interstage, Stage II tanks, optional Stage III rocket motor, and finally the payload fairing (nose cone). The Delta II has launched all the GPS IIR satellites thus far, these being the third modernized series of satellites that feature greater accuracy and increased resistance to interference.

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