GMRAF061 Vickers VC10 RAF, XR808,101 Squadron RAF Brize Norton, England,2012

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Designed to meet a need for a jet aircraft that could comfortably take off from and land on shorter runways, the Vickers VC10 was first flown on June 29, 1962. This long-range British airliner holds a long-standing record for the fastest Atlantic crossing by a sub-sonic airliner (only the supersonic Concorde has beaten its record). Advanced even for its time, the VC10 was designed with a quadruplicated automatic flight control system, which enabled fully automatic landings in zero-visibility conditions. Despite its promise, the VC10 only served as an airliner for 15 years; in the 1970s it was removed from service because of the high noise levels it produced on departure and approach.
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Product Code GMRAF061
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