HA1036 CF-104 Starfighter Toothbrush 104805 421 Squadron, CAF, 1983

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The RCAF received their first CF-104 in March 1962. Although originally designed as a supersonic interceptor the Canadian Air Force used it primarily for low level strike and reconnaissance. The Canadian version of the F-104 was capable of carrying a ventral mounted Vinten Vicon pod with 4 cameras inside for reconnaissance picture taking. On September 4, 1963 number 12900 was the 200th and final CF-104 produced and entered service on January 10, 1964. The CF-104 retired from service in 1985 when it was replaced by the CF-18 Hornet. Over the 25 years of active service 110 aircraft were lost to accidents earning it nicknames like ?Widow Maker? and ?Lawn Dart?. The RCAF CF-104 probably had the most flying time of any variant with an average of 6,000 hours per plane over their life time compared to the Luftwaffe?s 3,000 hours.

CF-104 12805 CL-90 c/n 683A-1105, made it?s maiden flight on June 12, 1962 and was delivered to the RCAF on November 1, 1962. In 1970 CF-104s were given new serial numbers and 12805 became 104805. In 1983 as part of the 421st Squadron / 1 CAG based at Baden-S?llingen, 104805 was given a red paint scheme with an Indian motif to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the 421st Squadron and the 30th Anniversary of CFB Baden-S?llingen. The scheme came to be known as the ?Toothbrush? because of the fuselage marking.
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