HA3610 Convair F-106A Delta Dart 80784, 194th FIS, California ANG William Tell, 1980

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The Convair F-106 Delta Dart began as an advanced version of the F-102 but because of so
many modifications and design changes it became a new aircraft with its own designation. It was
designed as a missile carrying all-weather interceptor against Soviet bombers and served in this
role from the 1960s until the 1980s. The F-106A as well as the F-106B two-seat trainer served
with 15 fighter interceptor squadrons starting in 1959. The aircraft was rarely referred to as the
Delta Dart but was commonly called the “6”.

Convair F-106A 80784 was the 145th F-106 produced and delivered to the 27th FIS in Maine
October 21, 1959. In 1960 the aircraft transferred to the 94th FIS, nine years later it went to 71st
FIS, 1972 it moved to the 460th FIS. 1974 saw it transferred to the 194th FIS/144th FIG California
ANG at Fresno. In 1980 the 194th FIS participated in “William Tell” and won top F-106 unit. In
September 1983 the 159th FIS Florida ANG received it. On October 3, 1986 it crashed and was
written off.
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