HA3845 Lockheed F-16C Block 32 Fighting Falcon 86-0280, 64 AGRS Commander, 2012

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General Background
The F-16 Fighting Falcon was produced by General Dynamics who became Lockheed who then merged with Martin Marietta to become Lockheed Martin. The F-16 entered service in January 1979 as a multi-role jet fighter that evolved into an all-weather multi-role aircraft capable of sustaining 9-g turns. The F-16 is relatively inexpensive to purchase and maintain so the U.S. and 25 other countries added it to their inventory. The Fighting Falcon is referred to by its pilots as the "Viper"; and will remain in USAF service until 2025.
The Aircraft
The 64th Aggressor Squadron began in 1941 as the 64th PS. In 1945 they were deactivated only to be re-activated in 1946 as the 64th FS (Jet). In 1969 they were de-activated until 1972 when re-activated as 64th Fighter Weapons Squadron and eventually 64th Aggressor Squadron. Once again de-activated in 1990 and re-activated in 2003 until present day. The 64th AGRS is equipped with 24 F-16Cs based at Nellis AFB, Nevada. 86-0280 c/n 5C-386 was delivered to 302nd TFS November 1987 and the 64th AGRS in February 2012.
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Product Code HA3845
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