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Corgis first Sunderland, in RAF Coastal Command 4 OTU markings, is now among the top 5 rarest Aviation Archive models. Released in September 1999, relatively few of this model appear to have been made and as such it is highly sought after by collectors. 
The Short S.25 Sunderland was a British flying boat patrol bomber developed for the Royal Air Force (RAF) by Short Brothers. It took its service name from the town (latterly, city) and port of Sunderland in northeast England.
Based in part upon the S.23 Empire flying boat, the flagship of Imperial Airways, the S.25 was extensively re-engineered for military service. It was one of the most powerful and widely used flying boats throughout the Second World War, and was involved in countering the threat posed by German U-boats in the Battle of the Atlantic. RAF Sunderlands also saw service throughout the Korean War and continued in service until 1959. Sunderlands remained in service with the Royal New Zealand Air Force (RNZAF) until 1967.
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Product Code 48801
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